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Virtual 'Masks off' circle

These are group coaching circles where you are invited to talk about your experiences in a safe space to process your thoughts. These group coaching circles offer clients the opportunity to talk about the personal experiences and personal impact of this time in a safe, confidential space. 


This will not be a space to talk about clinical learning and this is not a therapeutic space.


These will be hosted each month by Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee, Mr Andrew White, Mrs Katie Crabtree, Mrs Lauren Wild and Miss Clare Van Rensburg on ‘Zoom’. Please note these will be held for groups of clients up to 10 to allow clients time and to speak freely.

We do hope that you will make use of this opportunity and sign up. We will try to increase capacity depending on the demand. 

Please note: these sessions are for PRUH colleagues.  If you are not a PRUH colleague but would like to join, we would love to welcome you, spaces will be allocated depending on availability. If you would like to attend these sessions, please email

Thursday 16th April                      Thank you for attending

Tuesday 19th May                        Thank you for attending

Wednesday 17th June                 Thank you for attending

Wednesday 8th July                    Apologies, this session was cancelled due to unforeseen 


Thursday 20th August                This session was reserved for specific healthcare workers. Thank you

                                                      for attending

Wednesday 9th September       Thank you for attending

This is a voluntary initiative set up by Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee for the benefit of NHS staff & the NHS community.

(C) Dr amrita Sen Mukherjee &   Wellbeing for PRUH 2020

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