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1:2:1 Coaching

What Coaching is NOT...

Put simply, coaching is not training or teaching.  Training and teaching are about you learning something specific from someone else who (hopefully) knows more than you do about it. Coaching is also not mentoring.  Mentoring is about tackling specific issues with the help of a mentor – someone who is an expert, and has usually been where you are and is prepared to show you how they got through it.


Coaching is not counselling or a therapy.  Counselling and therapy often deal in the past before exploring the future.  Usually, therapy and counselling are focused on achieving some level of healing.

And coaching is not consultancy.  Yes, consultancy is about solving problems, but it's about someone else solving those problems for you: someone else giving you the answers.

so, what is coaching?

Well, coaching is a partnership between coach (us) and coachee (you).  And, in that partnership, you are generally the expert, rather than your coach.  After all, no-one knows you as well as you know yourself.  

Your coach's role is not to tell you who you are and what you need to do to get it, but to help you to achieve your personal best, and to produce the results you want in your personal and professional life. Your coach does this by offering empathy, compassion, perspective and a unique skillset.

This means that coaching is not a master-student relationship. That's why it's really important to note that for coaching to be effective, it is not necessary for your coach to be an expert in your field of work, or in the area of change you want to effect in your personal life. Coaching is about enabling the change you want, supporting you to embrace and shape that change, and building the capacity for you to achieve the change that you want in an emotionally supportive and psychologically safe manner and space.

In coaching, the client takes responsibility for their part in the relationship and the coach is a facilitator supporting the client through their own thoughts.

Free coaching sessions for healthcare professionals at PRUH, will be delivered by experienced coaches and advanced students who are currently undertaking an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. All coaches are either ICF accredited or are working towards EMCC or ICF accreditations under their regulations and codes of ethics.


Each coach will offer 3 hours of coaching per client within a period of 6 months at mutually convenient times.

If you are a member of staff at PRUH, please fill out the contact box below to get in touch. If you are an NHS employee, please do complete the form, we will endeavour to support your request but we are limited subject to coach availability.  


This is a voluntary initiative set up by Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee for the benefit of NHS staff & the NHS community. 

We are currently working at capacity and are operating a waiting list. Please continue to register your interest and when possible, we will align clients with a coach. 


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest, we will be in touch shortly.

(C) Dr amrita Sen Mukherjee &   Wellbeing for PRUH 2020

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