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Lauren Wild

Lauren Wild BA (Hons) Dip.Hyp.NLP Prac. Lauren originally trained as a Speech and Language Therapist having obtained an undergraduate degree in Human Communication and after many years working for the NHS, she took her life in a different direction knowing at her core that she wanted to help people find meaning and overcome barriers to change. This led her to the path of training as a Hypnotherapist . Lauren has over 14 years' experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner. Having provided 1:1 therapy, group workshops and couples' therapy for fertility issues and stress management, she has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon now that she is currently studying towards her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.


Lauren has a deep empathy which she brings to every session when working with her clients. She approaches coaching from an evidence-based view-point but finds a unique balance between working scientifically and creatively in order to personalise the experience for each client, allowing them to thrive and flourish no matter what situation they find themselves in. She applies her skills of active listening and questioning to peel back the layers revealing the root causes of issues, allowing space for learning and growth. Lauren's approach allows you a safe psychological space to explore issues from different perspectives, utilising your own strengths to find the best solutions and reach your goals.


Clare Van Rensburg

Clare Van Rensburg is a proud South African with a deep passion to see people living their best lives in alignment with their values, strengths and beliefs.  Clare has an ICF accredited Brain-Based Coaching Certificate from the NeuroLeadership Institute. Clare is currently studying for an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP) at the University of East London. As a coach, Clare takes a humanist approach and believes that you are your own expert. No one can know your inner world better than you and that you have all the answers to live your best life. Using Brain-Based Coaching simply means that Clare is able to utilize the developments of neuroscience and an understanding of how the brain works to create an environment, and use tools, that will help facilitate you gaining meaningful insights and changes.


Andrew White

I’ve been privileged to spend every single day living out my purpose: to help people solve problems, navigate life’s highs and lows, and realise their dreams; equipping and empowering them to live a life of meaning and purpose – the life they were made for.


Through my coaching and mentoring, I’ve helped individuals to define the future they truly want, figure out how to build it, and then to actually follow through and make that dream become a reality.  I’ve helped them to identify and overcome immediate issues, problems, barriers and obstacles; establish goals to equip them to navigate the here and now, and to step into the future they want; to create and deliver action plans to turn those goals from aspiration to reality; and to develop strategies for a future that is filled with meaning and purpose.

I’ve coached and mentored some truly incredible people.  Men and women facing seemingly every disadvantage that life can throw at them, including being trapped in cycles of criminality, substance misuse, abuse and homelessness.  Graduates with the world at their feet. Professionals looking to move on with their career, entrepreneurs stepping into uncharted waters with their passion and executives looking for what’s next.  As well as people stuck in the midst of crisis and turmoil, unable to see beyond the here and now, and simply looking for how to find their way through their present circumstances, so that they can come out the other side still standing.

By allowing my creative strengths to flourish, and my vision of ‘a generation living the life it was made for’ drive everything I do, I help those people own their present reality, unlock and define their vision, unpack their mission, develop their strategies, build and sustain their growth, and identify and overcome blockages.



Katie Crabtree has always been passionate about people development, and in her previous corporate career, she designed and delivered successful management academies and leadership programmes. With an undergraduate degree in Leadership & Management, and as an MBTI (Myers Brigg Type Indicator) psychometric practitioner, Katie was exposed to the psychology of personality traits and how experiential learning and reflection can facilitate personal growth.

As a programme lead for an international employee engagement initiative with emphasis on health and wellbeing, Katie wanted to understand more about the science that underpins wellbeing theory and human motivation. This prompted Katie to study for a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, whilst setting up a coaching and consultancy business. Currently working towards her EMCC accreditation as a Senior Practitioner Coach, she is developing her person-centred approach, with a focus on values, strengths and solutions.


Katie welcomes clients looking to realise their full potential through the achievement of personal and/or professional goals.

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(C) Dr amrita Sen Mukherjee &   Wellbeing for PRUH 2020

Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee

Dr. Amrita Sen Mukherjee is a GP with an interest in Wellbeing, Occupational and Physician Health and has worked in the NHS for a decade. Amrita holds a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics with Management Studies from University College London and gained her medical degree from Kings College London with distinctions in Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences and Clinical Practice. She has also attained post-graduate medical qualifications in DRCOG, MRCGP, DOccMed and practices acupuncture. 


Amrita is passionate about Wellbeing and is currently the First5 Wellbeing Lead for the Royal College of General Practitioners. In order to further pursue her credentials in Wellbeing, Amrita is studying an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and as such is working towards her coaching accreditation under the EMCC regulations.  


As a coach, Amrita understands that good communication channels are the essence of any long-lasting professional or personal relationship, supporting clients in aligning their personal or professional values with their current reality. Amrita has developed successful approaches and skills and concentrates on physician health and wellbeing through

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